Best Clarisonic Reviews and Buying Guide

As you known, keeping your face-skin clean is most important and it is a first step for facial skin care process. Most of women have routine to cleanse their face-skin by hands and cloth-face with cleansing products. It’s just fine but NOT best because your hands, cloth-face are easy to get dirty and bacteria that sometime cause problems to your skin. Moreover, it is less effective in wiping out pore clogging dirt and oil and of course, you can’t get a deep cleaning when using that old method.

Best Clarisonic Reviews

Nowadays care and cleansing facial skin by “hands” (manual cleansing) is still popular but another method is better and more flexible are using facial skin cleansing devices. With these devices, it is not only help you cleanse your face skin faster, easier, cleaner, but also to helping absorption of moisturizer, beauty/skin cream goes deeper. This is a gorgeous facial skin treatment. After using, your facial skin is fresher and smooth feeling. It is specially works well if you need to cleanse your facial skin for make-up or after remove make-up.

So which brand and model of facial cleansing device is trusted while so many cleansing devices out there? I’ve tried and test a lot of cleansing devices from cheap to expensive price and finally I choose Clarisonic MIA2 brand as a last decision. In this Clarisonic Reviews article, I will show you why Clarisonic is BEST choice and worthy with your investment.

What made Clarisonic is Well-Known and Best Choice?

While other cleansing devices using vibration or spinning of the brush head. Clarisonic use sonic oscillation technology which was patented, that meant the bristles of brush head will be oscillate at 300 movements/second so it is easy to remove dirt, oil and other impurities deeply.

Build-in cleansing timer function that helps you define exactly the time for move to another part of your face. The set time limit is researched and tested to given out optimize cleansing time. That feature is so cool!

Advantages of Using Clarisonic

It works with high efficiency:

With clarisonic, you will completely remove all the make-up quickly. If you use manual cleansing to remove the makeup, you maybe feel confident that your skin is very clean but the fact is when you using clarisonic to cleanse your facial again, you will see so many cosmetic to stuck into the bristles of brush head.

It is safe and durable:

It is impermeable to water. Therefore, you use it while you having a shower or you can put clarisonic in bathroom for convenient to using without worry about equipment breaks. In addition, Clarisonic use inductive charging technology that safe and this is one of the outstanding of clarisonic.

best clarisonic

It is so easy to use:

You just spread cleanser cream out on your face or simply put it on bristles of clarisonic brush head. And then touch clarisonic device into your skin (just touch lightly, do not press hard) and turn it on, drag around every different zones of your face.

Fast and save time:

It just takes 60 seconds for a cleansing cycle (forehead 20s, nose chin 20s and each cheek 10s). That is the most optimized time for cleansing your facial. However, you can use it longer if you want!

If you are busy and need wear makeup on a daily, the clarisonic is one of the most necessary that helps you save time for cleansing you skin. Of course, if you just want to have an efficient cleansing skin method, the clarisonic device is best suit choice too!

Suitable for all skin types:

The Clarisonic has many kind brush head that is suitable for almost every skin type such as dry-skin, normal-skin, sensitive-skin, etc for the following reasons:

Dry skin: It helps remove dead skin cells and gently exfoliate your skin. The delicate, sensitive brush head is best suited.

Oily skin: It helps clean your pores deeply and remove impurities to help prevent pimple formation. The sensitive, normal or deep pore brush head is most suitable.

Aging or Blemished skin: It helps remove dirt and debris to speed up the recovery process. Also helps products such as anti-aging serums, or brightening serums to better penetrate the skin. The delicate or sensitive brush head would be most appropriate.

Normal skin: Again, with normal skin would benefit from exfoliation and deep cleansing for the reasons listed above. Delicate or normal brush head would be most appropriate.

Comparison Table of Clarisonic Models

Clarisonic ComparisonMiaMia 2AriaPlus
Speeds1 Speed (Universal)2 Speeds (Delicate, Universal)3 Speeds (Delicate, Universal, Powerful)3 Speeds (Delicate, Universal, Powerful)
Body ModeNoNoNoYes
Battery Life20 minutes20 minutes30 minutes30 minutes
Indicator LightsNoYesYesYes
ChargerUniversal Voltage pLink ChargerUniversal Voltage pLink ChargerUSB-Enabled Universal Voltage pLink ChargerUniversal Voltage Charging Cradle
Timer1 minute2 minutes2 minutes2 minutes (3 with body brush)
Drying StandNoNoYesNo
Warranty1 Year2 years2 years2 years
Price at Amazon$99$149 $179$225
More InfomationsDetails for Mia Details for Mia 2Details for AriaDetails for Plus
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Clarisonic Mia 2

If you care about the best skin cleansing devices, I am sure you known about Clarisonic Mia 2. This is one of some premium products line and most popular than other. It was popular because it is suitable for all your individual needs.

Below are Clarisonic Mia 2 Reviews of Kate – a famous blogger write about hair and beauty, you can visit her blog at

When compare to other such as: with Clarisonic Mia is only one speed for all skin type while Mia 2 has two speeds and it has a little smaller than Clarisonic Aria; for Clarisonic Plus used for face and body but so “bulky” and the price is high too. I feels that Mia2 is best clarisonic for your daily facial cleansing! You can read my In-Depth Clarisonic Mia 2 reviews here.

Clarisonic Mia2 has advantages:

  • Cleansing is very fast and clean.
  • Little and portal with travelling case, so you can easy to take it with you for working or travelling
  • Two speeds are suited to your “taste”.
  • Universal Voltage pLink Charger works for most of country in the world.
  • Durable and smart-operation with default time setting for every zone on your face (forehead 20s, nose chin 20s and each cheek 10s).
  • May be the down-site of Clarisonic Mia2 is the high price.

Clarisonic Mia

The Mia and Mia 2 are the same functions, the only difference between them is that the Mia 2 has two speeds, but both Mia devices are equipped with the faster speed setting. If you feel that one speed is sufficient for what you needs. Mia is best choice and it is most affordable price.

Clarisonic Aria

As you see at comparison table above, Aria is equipped three speeds and extra battery operation with a real time battery life indicator for longer to use; dual functioning stand and USB enabled pLink charger. Personally, I think that these are sub-functions and it is not so important.

Clarisonic Plus

With Clarisonic Plus, it is not just like Aria but also used for body.

What Clarisonic Models Should I Buy?

As you known, the clarisonic have main function is cleanse your skin but for every kind of models which has some sub-functions that help you comfortable when using as well as suitable for many different kinds of skin types (see my Comparison Table of Clarisonic Models above). So which Clarisonic is best and should get? Personally, I love Clarisonic Mia 2 than other because I just need use for delicate or universal. In addition, its small and portal that help me take it come with for go to work as well as travelling and the price is most reasonable.

Which Clarisonic Brush Head Is Best Suitable?

If this is the first time to use Clarisonic for your facial, I highly recommend using the delicate function and delicate brush head (do not use the default brush head of Clarisonic for the first time to use) because the first time your skin needs to adapt to Clarisonic. Your skin would be break out but do not worry, it will reduce and done after several day to use.

After your skin to adapt with it, you can use other brush head that depend on yourself, your skin or your purpose such as cleanse skin or remove dead skin cells and so on.

Best Clarisonic
Brush Head Acne Cleansing

The Clarisonic offers the following brush heads: Delicate, Normal, Sensitive, Deep Pore, Body brush head and other Luxe brush heads such as Velvet Foam Body, Satin Precision, Cashmere Cleanse, which feature tapered, ultra-long filaments for mature and dry complexions.

What do other people say?

I then began to use it only once a day (in the morning) and finally felt like my skin evened out. I may have been over-doing it in the beginning but I had to learn somehow!
The first noticeable result was the smoothness of my face. I mean, it’s incredible. I couldn’t stop touching it!
The second noticeable result was the way my makeup applied. My liquid foundation went on smoother, and my makeup seemed fresher.
The third result, which wasn’t noticeable to the eye, was that my facial products were penetrating deeper. I could tell my skin was cleaner than before. I could feel that the cream I would apply to my face would sink in a little deeper.

- – Kate, – -

Most importantly, I highly recommend the Clarisonic to those that wear makeup on a daily basis. The Clarisonic is able to remove debris that might have been missed by another cleansing method such as with a wash-cloth or hands. It supposedly cleans 6x more effective than hands alone based on fluorescent testing by their own research lab (bias?). Also, it will improve the texture of your skin (by removing dead cells) and as a result your makeup will have a smoother application.

- – Becca, – -

How to Spot Fake Clarisonic devices?

  • The genuine brush head is soft and never shed its bristles.
  • The genuine Clarisonic has color picture printed onto its box which have to the same with color of clarisonic device was contained inside.
  • The each Clarisonic has model series printed at the bottom of it, which will show you know about type of model – production year – batch number – color. Of course, this model series have to on the same with model series printed onto its box.

For instance:

Clarisonic Reviews

P13122B that meant:

  • P: type of model is Pro
  • 13: production year 2013
  • 122: batch number
  • B: Pink color

MT12347B that meant:

  • MT: type of model is Mia 2
  • 12: production year 2012
  • 347: batch number
  • B: pink color

Conclusion and Verdict: Is it worth the money for investing in one?

So the question here is: “ Should you purchase Clarisonic? ” Personally, for many benefit that I listed above such as save time, cleansing clean better manual hands, prevent acne, remove impurities, etc. I thinks you should get one. More over investing one for using in many years that do not spend your budget so much as you think when compare with many advantages that you get. I hope this Clarisonic Reviews article which give you some useful informations before have a right decision.